Title and Abstract

To investigate the torque produced by different motors.

Our research is on the investigation of torque on different motors, whereby we would be finding which type of motors has more torque and the relationship between the distance of the ruler piece and the force applied on the scale. We collect the results by attaching ruler pieces onto the motor shaft and let it exert force on the scale, before repeating it with different lengths which is measured from the centre of the motor shaft to the wooden wedge, and then repeating the whole process with the two other motors to find if it also affects the torque of motors. From our results, we find that as the distance increases, the force applied on the scale decreases and it applies to all motors. Also, we see that motors with higher gear ratios have higher torque compared to motors with lower gear ratios. The project is relevant to the world because we could help the car industries as our project is related to torque and distance, so the car industries could use our findings to improve their car’s performance as smaller wheels would aid in the acceleration of cars and improve performance. We can also improve the manual transmissions in cars such that when it switches to the next gear, the torque multiplied is useful, whereby it is not too great and not too little when the car is in different scenarios, making it very efficient.

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